unstuck research

Uncover hidden truths, challenge assumptions, or double-check your plans
with powerful methods, unique perspectives, & analyses that get
 you unstuck





We use fast-form tools to help you understand challenges: flash surveys, A/B/C testing, laser samples, hybrid methods, and more.

Great for: 

  • New or novel questions

  • Updating your beliefs

  • Taking the next step



We analyze your existing data with fresh eyes, tight logic, and unbiased perspective to help make the absolute best of what you have. 

Great for: 

  • Finding "Invisible Fruit"

  • Double-checking

  • Data and analysis audits



We highlight and summarize theory,

trends, relevant context, and market conditions to help you act with informed intent. 

Great for: 

  • Informing stakeholders

  • Staying ahead of trends

  • Knowing what's future-resilient




Why are you great at research?

Our scientific minds, artistic hearts, and business-focused practicality let us approach research in a holistic way few know how to do. 

Methods are different instruments, and we conduct their symphony better than just about anyone else.  


Are you data scientists?

No. We are social scientists that understand data, causal linkage, and the science of human behavior.


This helps us work well with your data scientists and team and add value beyond them. 


Where is your research used?

Here's a non-exhaustive list:

Netflix, Twitch, UnitedHealth, Pacific Gas & Electric, the University of California, pop culture events, political campaigns, and a number of private individuals all have used our research services.



intel copy.png


Stuck on Use Cases

When intel got stuck understanding use cases for a new piece of wearable tech, we jumped in with designers and project managers to help identify the best users, use cases, and platforms to create with. 



Stuck on Strategy

When APA Division 8 got stuck on strategic planning, we designed a research plan incorporating membership surveys and one-on-one interviews with board members to inform smarter strategic objectives and decision-making. 

UC copy.png


Stuck on Community Outreach

When UC Irvine got stuck understanding why their alumni were hard to build relationships with, we combined primary research, existing data analysis, and one-on-one interviews to help development understand the best ways to meet their outreach and funding goals. 

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