Scientific Mind, Artistic Heart, Business Sensibility

Why these three perspectives are so different, and why they are powerful together.

Even the smartest and strongest people get stuck. Why? Often, it’s because they think, know, and do through only one perspective.

We believe that people can be their best when they simultaneously use three perspectives: a scientific mind, an artistic heart, and a business sensibility.

The Promise of the Three

By staying mindful of each discipline’s strengths, we can think, know, and do better.

Your thinking will be its sharpest by using:

  • the precision of the scientific method

  • the emotional intuition of art

  • the practical logic of business strategy

Your knowledge will be its smartest if you can define and apply:

  • the theories, experiments, and studies of science

  • the techniques, experiences, and works of art

  • the case studies, rubber-meets-the road of business

Your actions will be their best if you build from:

  • the empirical certainty of science

  • the exploratory creativity of art

  • the pragmatic entrepreneurism of business

Defining The Three

Defining each of these concepts to illustrate their differences and complementary approaches.

Scientific Mind

Science is thinking through the scientific method and knowledge that is generated from the most rigorous standards of evidence.

Science is characterized by: Hypotheses, Causality, Proof, Experiment, Precision, Theory, Peer Review, Conservativeness, Completeness, objective “Truth.”

Science usually has the following steps:

1) describe a phenomenon

2) explain what causes the phenomenon to happen

3) predict how that phenomenon will work in the future, then test this prediction

4) control future instances of the phenomenon, usually toward specific ends

Science is ultimately about understanding and controlling to the best of our ability. Scientific theories are like gladiators - many may enter an arena, but, generally, there will be only one standing at the end of the day. Science is brutal, dictatorial, and uncompromising.

Artistic Heart

Art is often thinking through expression and action of intuition, emotion, knowledge, or esoteric intangibles through means that are often highly technical or require practice or skill to render.

Art is characterized by: imperfection, intuition, creativity, freedom, emotion, the unconscious, inspiration, practices, techniques, tools, spirit, intangibleness, undefinability, empathy, risk, fragmentation, subjective “truths.”

Art is often the process of taking "what is" and rearranging it in new ways, generating new expressions, experiences, and conversations about those things. If science is a dictatorship, art is anarchy - it does not see truth as a measurable objective, but in aesthetic interpretation. Where science fights, art abides.

*note, here a very specific illustration of art is presented, that highlights contrast with science.

Business Sensibility

Business is working toward targeted (usually fiscal or soft power) goals, employing strategy and tactics to meet those goals, and deriving best practices from those strategies and tactics.

Business is characterized by practicality, logic, a goal focus, acknowledgement of outside options, competition, limitations, opportunities, ROI, SWOT, “good enough,” multiple paths to success, functional “truth.”

Business is the process of rendering profit from products, services, or exchange. What ‘makes sense’ for a business is often described in terms serving profit.

Business can be anything between anarchy and dictatorship, but, most importantly, it is focused on practical outcomes, in stark contrast to pure science and art.

In Action

Because people are often trained to think about the world through one lens, they wrongly assume that Science, Art, and Business are incompatible. This is not the case. It is important to not let our training, acculturation, or other biases hold us back from blending the power of the three and being the best we can be.

At unstuck, we honor the power of the scientific mind, the artistic heart, and business sensibility in every project we do. Combining these things has led us to places our clients thought impossible and has yielded great joy along the way!

with power & joy

Ian & Troy