Our Five Philosophies

We are two people united by five philosophies

#1. The Unstuck Principle

When stuck, most smart people don’t need their problems solved. Instead, they usually just need something special to get unstuck and moving again.

#2. The 90-90 Rule

Results demonstrate that 90% of the time, your problems can be solved 90% of way with existing knowledge - and that this knowledge can often only be found via experts with breadth.

#3. BASE: Business, Art, & Science Exploration

We believe the best work comes when you build a strong BASE: a Business, Art, and Science Exploration of ideas. We are constantly oscillating between the rigidity of science and the intuition of art, with a healthy dose of business practicality to anchor us. Troy’s favorite phrase sums this up: "scientific mind, artistic heart, business sensibility."

#4. Intellectual Arbitrage (IA)

IA is Ian's favorite phrase. It is the practice of adapting ideas from one domain, area, or knowledge base and applying them to another for powerful results.

#5. Bring Joy, Be Joy

Wherever possible, joy should suffuse the outcomes and the processes of work. We strive to bring joy to our clients and embody joy in everything we can.

stay unstuck,

Ian & Troy

Professor Troy repping his favorite slogan and looking a little too smug.

CEO Ian in a hallway somewhere probably thinking about arbitraging some new information.