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Our podcast was designed as an economically accessible way
for anyone, anywhere to get unstuck

With your permission, we can also make your episode public,

and your question can help others get unstuck




Tell us what you are stuck on with as much detail as possible and what you think is a fair value to get unstuck.

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We review your offer and decide if we can get you substantially unstuck with an episode.


If we accept, we'll send you an invoice for your offer price. Once you pay, we will record you a custom podcast episode and send it to you.  



You and/or your team listens and gets unstuck! 


If you give us permission, we put the episode on the public feed, so others can learn from your victory!

Need to get unstuck?

Tell us one question you're stuck on, what it's worth to you to get unstuck,

and we will take a look. If we think we can help you, we'll send an invoice and get to work!


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Why do people submit to us?

Three reasons: 

  • The episodes provide deep knowledge applied to their context with power and joy.

  • Many love that a podcast-style response allows them and their team to accessibly consume answers.

  • Podcasts provide a low-risk value assessment for our other services like a-sync.


How much should I offer?

First, answer this question: 

"What is the value to me or my business in getting unstuck?"

Second, answer this question: 

"What is the value I get from being unstuck in minutes, not months?"

Once you answer those two questions, make an offer! If you are a student, activist, or small business, please let us know. 

We believe that all labor has value, spec work is bad, and passion is often exploited. We almost always charge for our labor and value, and you should too!



Can an episode be worth $1k?

Yes, it can! For many problems, that price seems like a steal!  


In one minute we've given applied guidance that was worth far more than $1,000 and has led to changes at some of the biggest businesses in the world. 

Unstuck was created to immediately deliver you amazing value, and your episode will provide amazing value  -or you can have all your money back.