unstuck mindset

How can you develop a mindset, so you stay unstuck and keep creating amazing things? 


Learn through sessions how to develop a mindset that is based on these two principles:



The best things are built with a strong BASe: a Business, Art, and Science exploration of your ideas and goals. In short: have a scientific mind, an artistic heart, and business sensibility.

Intellectual Arbitrage

The act of bringing (arbitraging) ideas and tools from one area and moving them into new areas that have not yet experiened the power and joy of the ideas and tools.


How many sessions do you need?

We find that a single 2 hour session can be transformative and powerful.

But, the most power and joy comes for 6 - 10 hours that allows your team to truly learn and properly practice with guidance: BASe, Intellectual Arbitrage, and other unstuck principles.

Can you do virtual?

Yes! Together with our colleagues we have pioneered a tool called Highly Interactive Virtual Experiences (HIVEs).

With these experiences, we make the virtual powerful, while economically being able to reach your distributed teams.



Stanford D-School

A class was created for the Stanford D-School to better learn how to get constantly unstuck throughout a day of experimentation. It helped them live further up to their own ideal that hangs on their wall: "Don't let perfect be the enemy of god enough." 

Stuck on Vision

Ian can you replace this or if not I will use a cowery example


A training was created to help advanced behavioral scientists learn to do more than "use science" by adopting the practices of BASe and Intellectual arbitrage.

Get an unstuck mindset.

Tell us how'd you like to learn and develop your mindset and behaviors.